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Friday, December 19, 2008

This song is how i'm feeling now.. :(

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Friday, August 22, 2008

Today first day back to work after a off + leave. Once i stepped into k box i immediately cough like dying sia!!! The air quality at k box must be like wtf??? then i keep cough and cough until wanna cough out my lung sia! then dinner time kangwei went to buy our dinner but never take straw for my bubble tea... sian!!! no straw how to suck the pearl sia??? -_-" then when we waiting for transport i called my 孩子的妈 (wei wei) and talked alot of crap sia. all of us joking around so fun and happy lol.

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Tuesday, July 15, 2008

today we had a seafood eating session at the coffeeshop near k box including evan, purpur,puppy,man rong,xiao bai,kangwei and me!! Ordered a 6 course dinner including chilli kangkong,prawn paste chicken,curry fishhead,cereal prawn,hot plate tofu and sweet and sour spare ribs!! All so tasty!! Except that the fishhead like no meat and the chilli kangkong like no chilli like that.. lol... glad they turn up for the dinner.. but when i saw the bill i was like "wow! $100". But it's ok as long as they enjoy the meal lols. Hope they enjoy it as much as i do!! Xiao bai say when he get promotion as confirmed server he will be treating us for dinner!! Hope he gets promote soon!! :D

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Friday, June 20, 2008

sian... today damn unlucky... last nite dream of myself broking a bottle of liquor.. thought it;s only a dream.. end up paying $100 dollar for liquor.. hais.. told the fucking customer 1 bottle waive 4 pax then he say ok.. then end up say i mislead him and say i say 4 cover charge = 1 bottle martell!! WTF??? End up super paul help me kio sai and i end up paying $100 for the martell and the fucking customer still not happy and dun accept my apology.. yet he have the cheek to bring home to bottle of martell.. knn.. fucker sia.. PISSED OFF!!

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Monday, June 9, 2008

I'm really going through,
The realms of a broken heart,
I realized today,
Just how much I'm falling apart.

I keep falling back to,
The very first time we met,
I keep being reminded,
I just can't forget.

The memories are killing me,
The long lonely nights,
I'm kidding myself that I'm ok,
But it's just not all right.

I don't need to be told,
That I'm going to make it through,
I just need something to hold,
Something real and true.

I hate what she's done to me,
Hate myself for falling once more,
I fell in love again,
Ended up broken on the floor.

I'm entering a jaded future,
Shattered from a broken past,
Keep falling through the cracks,
Of the nightmares that last.

And time isn't healing,
Healing this open scar,
Guess I never really believed,
On wishing up on a star.

So I hold on for love,
And let the clouds pass me by,
Nursing this open wound,
With all the tears I cry

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Wednesday, May 28, 2008

so sian mc 2 days after a sunday + monday off. nothing to do at all.. camp at home game game game. Zzz.. got 1 message from stanley say must must attend work everyday at 6pm!! WTF??? ZZzz... then stomach damn pain go see doctor 2 days mc. go back they sure think is gei siao one.. hais.. how i miss those days of k box when kai xiong was still around.. so fun loh.. now so sian... wan be captain also so hard.. last time thought kai xiong lousy but maybe i'm worse... everytime they say got anything can ask.. end up ask liao tio kan. so sian..

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